The SigningOrder Connection. One Efficient Secure Process for Every Type of Real Estate Closing

Our dependable Certified RON team provides extraordinary 24/7/365 online closing services to our clients worldwide You can be confident that all of the critical documents will be handled and properly authenticated.

We Move Clients Away from Email

Sending documents through email is definitely not secure and not compliant. By using our portal, our clients immediately get a better system for all notarial closing solutions.

Documents Are Securely Transferred

Documents that contain sensitive information are protected throughout the transfer process at our company. Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and stored in an encrypted state.

Files are Securely Stored

In the event of natural disasters or fires that could damage servers, we use Amazon Web Services to store documents. Amazon offers the most secure and reliable database systems

Sensitive Information Is Encrypted

The consumers’ nonpublic and private information is stored in encrypted fields in our portals. This protects the information in case of any online threats and attacks.

Access Is Highly Restricted

Access to private consumer information is restricted to its highest-clearance employees, and our portal tracks and records all instances of entry to its database.

Audit Trails Are Created

Our portal tracks every event that occurs in the order, creating a trail that would be critical in the case of an audit. Clients know when notaries have downloaded documents.