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Endpoint Security

End-user devices are protected by several layers of controls to ensure that the work that is conducted via these devices is done so in a safe and secure fashion. Our security measures are not about how many controls may be implemented or number of certifications. It’s our ingrained-mindset and how we conduct business. With the ever-changing CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) regulations, you need to be sure that your settlement solution provider can give your clients peace of mind. They must be confident that they are operating in a secure environment.

Protection, Speed and Dependability

Considered by our Peers as the Gold Standard for Managed Services and Mobile Settlement Solutions. CFBP Compliant. Manage important documents, especially those related to mortgages and loans, with our professional assistance of the Doc Signers. We are a trusted company that offers remote online notarization (RON) services to various clients worldwide. For reliable document authorization solutions available anytime and any day, we are the online notary authentication service you can rely on. And yes, we carry Cyber Coverage of two million dollars.

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