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Why Doc Signers?


Doc Signers believes that Integrity matters. Without integrity you are ultimately, in one way or another, destined to failure. Doing the right thing isn't always the easy path but it is the best path to success. Doc Signers has built our brand value by applying the virtues of integrity. Especially in today's world of anything goes.

We have a fiduciary duty to our clients customers, and business partners to hold to the highest standards in the industry.


Growth and stability follow when integrity is central to your core beliefs. Founded in 1997 by a 35 year veteran of the industry, and using The Golden Rule as the guiding principal of our operations, Doc Signers has earned the trust of of over 750 clients all over the country involved in the mortgage, title and banking industries. Careful stewardship of our resources - combined with slow but steady growth - has been the model which has served us well in the last years of of cyclical insanity. Many have come and gone since 2007 leaving a trail of unpaid agents nationwide.
Doc Signers has maintained an unwavering focus on quality, compliance and technology – all of which are meant to handle work on behalf of developing a high quality relationship with clients who have strong core values.


Were in the Cloud. Access your orders and view your account from any web broweser, on any device. DocTRAC a proprietary signing and workflow management software platform, is fast, instinctive, and secure. We believe it is the gold standard for error-free closings. It was designed to improve workflow efficiency while maintaining CFPB safeguards for compliance and protection of critical borrower information. The workflow automation, dynamics allows DocSigners to help complete your closings in a more timely manner and with with more accuracy.


Great customer relationships don't happen by accident. They are built on a foundation of solid communication. Our goal is to provide our clients with the information they need, when they need it and in many cases even before they know they need it. We serve and engage your brokers and customers via phone, text, email and online tools that make a significant impact on their experience, satisfaction and long-term loyalty. Issues at the closing table are resolved using our 24/7 Hot Line. The Hot Line provides direct immediate access to informed company representatives and principals with over 50 years of combined industry experience to resolve issues at the table further enhance ing the closing experience for your customers. We personally confirm that the notary for each signing has shown up and completed the order.


With identity theft now one of the leading crimes, Doc Signers utilizes a secure web platform with a VeriSign SSL certificate for clients and notaries to safely upload documents and information onto the server. The permissions on our web platform are such that only approved users can access sensitive documents and client information.

We have a business continuity plan in place to ensure unplanned disruptions don't interrupt your business and your loans close on time. As a strategic partner with major institutions, Doc Signers stays current with core provider compliance requirements. Online security is not our only concern; we maintain a limited access facility and require background checks on all employees and agents. Our online notary management platform, DocTRAC, provides a secure portal for document upload. The platform ensures only approved users can upload, download and print documents.