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"You are so AWESOMELY AWESOME!! Thank you J Carolyn Kendall for: Sandy Rice, Assistant Vice President/FNF Branch Manager"
From Escrow Officer Assistant Carolyn Kendal 2013-01-24

"Doc Signers, thank you soooo much for all of your efforts in pulling yet another successful signing off. I have spoken with the client and she was very impressed and said that the signer made her very comfortable and enjoyed working with him! You are a HUGE part of my success and I really appreciate everything you do for me and my staff!"
From Escrow Officer Marilyn Whitt Date: April 20, 2007 Time: 3:27pm

"FNF Escrow Officer Mike and his team are the best thing that ever happened to my very busy office. They never say no, they go out of their way to accommodate us and our clients, and they ALWAYS do it with a smile! Last night they signed one of my clients at 10:30, and this was one of the most difficult clients I have had in years. Even SHE was impressed, which I thought was impossible. Dependable, pleasant, efficient and accommodating....and then some!"
From Escrow Officer Nancy Hammer ~ Date: Friday July 23, 2004 Time: 01:15:42 PM

" Fantastic Co. Excellent Communication. Fair and Immediate Pay. 5 Stars!"
WA Notary Testimony 9/29/2013

"Excellent pay.. no hand holding.. paid via PayPal SAME DAY!! AWESOME!!"
IL Notary testimony 12/17/2013

" These folks are a pro's pro. Enjoyable experience, nothing but praise"
OR Notary testimony 6/20/2012

"A wonderful signing company, they truly exude professionalism on all levels"
NJ Notary Testimony 3/8/2010

"Comments This is a professional company. The Golden Rule is applied here. They do what they say they will do and more. I have had nothing but problems in the past. With my new experience with The Doc Signers, Inc., I am hoping that they set the industry standard. I will recommend The Doc Signers, Inc. to the notaries I know and all the companies that need their / our services. Thank you very much for being professionals..."
From Notary Daniel Honniball ~ Date: Tuesday September 14, 2004 Time: 09:53:24 PM

"You guys are amazing and I appreciate you more than you know. J"
From Escrow Officer Jenna G. ~ 2013-03-23

"If you ever need mobile closings, docsigners (copied here) is good. They just did a closing in AZ for us, went perfect with a few hours notice, all states. Chris Hacker Executive Difference Maker."
From Loan Officer Chris Hacker 2013-03-20