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From our in office support to our notaries and attorneys in the field, everyone is determined to create the best possible experience for you and your clients. Since 1997 DocSigners has provided solutions to large and small financial firms in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry. May we help with your next challenge? Be it large or small, let us be the solution for your next signing! Nothing makes us happier than to hear from a happy client. Read about some of our successes on our Testimonials page.

Child on ComputerAbout DocTRAC

DocTRAC is a fully encrypted and easy to use system that completely automates your workflow. Our loan signing software streamlines your process from start to finish. The site is incredibly easy to use. There are only two pages to interact with, you can drag and drop documents onto any order, and everything works beautifully on a desktop, tablet or even your mobile phone. DocTRAC offers distinct advantages over the competition. Even the largest signing services out there can no longer compete with our technology, security, compliance, and embedded system controls.




DocSigners is competitive with all fee structures offered by other closing services. Clients using our Managed Services find they can liberate their office staff from the search process freeing them to work on files as opposed to signings. In many cases our fee structure is more economical. We offer contract pricing and volume discounts with per file, weekly, or monthly invoicing. Because we immediately pay our agents after the assignment we require full payment of all invoices within 30 days of billing. Our agent pay policy attracts professionals who do not want to spend time tracking their earned fees and thus aggressively pursue opportunities from DocSigners requests.

cb8d85074b2ec9434bdd1e59ee76d0cfFull Accountability

We offer a new level of accountability for all employees and contractors. Every action involved in managing the signing is tracked and logged giving us a complete history and record for every file that goes through our system. These records are saved and can be viewed at any time.



All of our data is backed up by the hour, day, week and month. In addition to these backups, there are redundant servers placed around the country so that even if there were a natural disaster on the entire west coast, our site would remain active and secure. We are one of the few companies in the industry with this level of reliability. If another signing service's server went down, their site and all the notary data would be down and inaccessible as well.