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Why Clients Select DocSigners  |  The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

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UmrellaWhen you select Doc Signers, you start a relationship of excellence. Not just a finding a closing agent. We seek to establish the perfect workout for your particular situation that best meets your individual needs.
Some of the benefits our clients enjoy include:
  • 24/7 direct access to company principals
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Less than 1 hour notary assignments are put on emergency status
  • Choose QuickFAX if you need docs immediately for table fundings etc
  • Certified and CFPB compliant
  • Closing Agent coverage in all 50 states
  • Service to out of country closings i.e. Canada, and all U.S. Territories

50651f06e4e9bd6c782abbd0fecbfd97DocTRAC Incorporates ResWare

Real Estate transactions have thousands of details typically managed with paper and files. This lack of efficiency can result in a myriad of problems. Forward-thinking companies seeking an automated, flexible solution were stuck with programs that were difficult to configure to meet the needs of their specific business.ResWare works. Both large and small clients report they have reduced paper storage by as much as 90 percent and improved efficiency by up to 30 percent. 


With new CFPB regulations now in effect, you need to be assured your settlement solution provider can offer your customers the peace of mind of operating in a secure environment. DocTRAC and Doc Signers meets that challenge for our clients. DocSigners utilizes on site shredding by PDF Shredding. All documents are safely destroyed.


370404c85dcf2c9e9035d2d6eea48deb24/7 HOTLINE | WE ANSWER. WE RESPOND

While tech and all of the incredible new order tracking devices are important, nothing has replaced the Smart phone for direct immediate communication. All status updates flow into the tracking system and to the requesting client. However, for critical issues like bad docs or no shows we demand immediate phone updates.


f1ee6f2e1a67ddf57f24ac832d549ae624/7 CLOSING UPDATES

Using the latest technologies to optimize operations, and empower our agents with 24/7 live phone support and end-to-end contact center solutions we insure that each closing has been completed or contact was made with interested parties reporting any unexpected contingencies.

  • - All principals at DocSigners have been vetted and cleared Back Ground Screening.
  • - DocSigners closer's are paid immediately after the closing. Does your signing service have this practice?
  • - Will your signing service provide immediate proof of payment to agent before the file even closes?
  • - Have the principals of your signing service been background screened and vetted?
  • - Have you had to make the notary whole through paying the closing fee again after the file has closed out?

Currently, CFPB has not stepped into this matter. The approval process for a signing agency for most Title Companies and Lenders using services of a signing agency is proper E & O insurance and perhaps some positive feedback from a Title Company employee or a lender. Unfortunately the signing agency business is replete with bad actors. Currently in more than one jurisdiction, local DA offices are investigating the fraudulent acts of the owners of signing agencies for non-payment of fees. Sad but true.
Since 1997, Doc Signers carries a AAA+ payment history. Because our agents know they will receive immediate payment after the closing, they go the extra mile and prefer working with Doc Signers over other services. And with Cloud Based Technology for monitoring every aspect of the closing process, Doc Signers consistently evaluates their network for performance leaders. Ongoing evaluations contribute to improvement in the quality and professionalism of our Mobile Agents.